Sunday, June 26, 2011


And this big Belgian/American engine thinks she made it up the hill once again.
I feel like the back is just about back to normal.
Now and then a little warning not to do this or that and I watch it!!!!
Next month we visit dr Bones (Check out his wardrobe) and he will say that I am healed.

Amazing to me is that they take out a kidney full of cancer, sew me back up and
that was not such a big deal.
Falling on my tush and messing with Mr. L vertebrae and it is a mess for weeks.
I can't even remember how to spell it.

I even walked 2 dogs at the same time this morning, that takes some muscles.
OK, they are little dogs....I doubt I would walk 2 Rottweilers....

Have a great week I will be in Savannah not my favorite town
but I will be out of the house!!!!!!!!!!!

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