Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Savannah Ga

We, Sabrina and I will pick up Zack at the art school on this 4th of July week end.
Traffic will be something out of nightmares but wr are returning on Sunday.
I am now on week 11 with the back issue but feel so much better.
Therefore I have been feeling caged in and the lioness wants OUT!
How Bobby survives in this house for years is scary to think about.
I can't be locked up for 11 weeks (even then I did go grocery shopping)

Savannah is not my fave.
Brie and I did shows there and we had a few bad experiences there as vendors and
people trying to steal our Father Christmas dolls.
We had cop escorts out of the building.
A jeweler had her stock stolen at her motel, van empty!
That does not only happen in Savannah, people who steal find venues were
money and goods are and follow either the money or the

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