Friday, June 8, 2012

reply from my friend on June 6th trip

I hope she does not mind that i copy her reply to my letter previously written.
We are very good friends, she had a very bad day and perhaps I did help her with a smile.
I sure hope so. Her worries are real, the golden age becoming a bit tarnished as a lot of
us are finding out.....

her reply:
Dear Jeannot,

You "had" me from the first line . . . and I lived every moment with you, smiling at Rhonda (well, at times) and crying with you through the emotional portions . . . and then the good bed after the "drinking" -- and lady, you really had an experience that I haven't heard the likes of in a long long time.

With all the ups and downs and questioning beforehand, it was well worth it -- as otherwise, I guess all we would do is sit in our houses NOT making memories -- which Rhonda WILL remember forever -- and your part in it all. Someday she will cry about it too.

It was a GREAT STORY told so well . . . and worth getting it all out in that always wonderful way you do, catching the reader into it with a giant HOOK.

I keep saying that I am so glad I know Jeannot -- as she is inspirational -- and truthful and as fun as they come. We were "meant" to have connected -- the greatest gift.

Thank you thank you . . . for lightening my day in the most delightful way -- after Federer LOST while I was rooting him on on NBC no less. This has not been my -- MONTH -- !

Love you so,

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