Sunday, June 3, 2012

Time for Kings and I do not mean Queen Elizabeth

Son comes into the living room and stretches out on the couch, there hardly is any room left for Courage, his devoted dog,Bob is ready for action. He is dressed in a large pull over with all the official required embroidery.
L A Kings and crowns.
I sit in my recliner and borrowed a large hat with King's logo. I look ridiculous.
This is serious business.

I do not watch sports that often, soccer my fave does not have that many contests I am interested in like the World Cup. Hockey has become my passion since Bob introduced me to it. The Kings have been his faves since Gretzky.
Every year we sit down for the finals till the cup is passed on from hand to hand and the managers of the winning team see $$$ signs.

This year is special, the Kings are in the finals.
In fact as I write if they win 2 more games they can drink from the Stanley Cup and look at their name engraved in it for

This year I am finding out that I am not a good sport fan.
I want us to win and I get antsy.
By the 3rd round I am a mess.
I am sure my BP is way up there.
I yell like they are going to hear me? Let alone listen to an old lady.
Bob is silent until there is a goal it is either YEAH or F... depending on who scored.

Last night I could not take it when it was still 1-1 so I went to bed afraid of
getting too excited. I just knew we would go on overtime.

Reading my Kindle I started to relax and way later Bob walked in with both arms in the air.
Yeah Yeah King 2- Devils 1 , we are on our way Mom!
and so we be continued.........

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