Monday, May 28, 2012

just keep dreaming.....

First time since he passed away I was dreaming about Bob looking like he was 30 something.
I met him when he was 42.
All my dreams so far had been about him being ill with Alzheimer and I would explain to the people (in my dreams) that he was sick and not to pay closely attention as he could get things so messed up. In my dream then he would turn to me and say;"I am not sick I am telling you, there is no disease!"

That part he did tell us for years as he was a devouted Christian Scientist and he never thought he was ill.

So this time in the dream he shows up very young, gorgeous, his curly hair even more curly and he starts to sing to me
a song we both knew as I sang with him (read tried to sing) I kept thinking I must remember what song that is.
I did not when morning came.
He sounded like Sinatra and the chap from New Orleans..whatever his name.
I was shocked, when he was finished "I said, you never told me you could sing like that" (he could n't sing a note just like me)
I wanted more songs and he sort of vanished in thin air.....
I did not think that was very polite....but then Bijou started to scratch on my back and I woke up.....

I so wanted to hear the song again......I so wanted to see him healthy again and that I did see.

My mother had trombosis and for years she had to wear these tight stockings, she hated them, she said they were for old ladies.
She did not like to think she was getting older.....BUT one night after her passing she came in my dream and she sat on the side of a bed dangling her legs like a little girl. She said:"You see my legs are fine, I no longer need to wear the stockings".
That morning when I woke up I cried, I truly think she came with a message.
BUT then in the younger years I believed a LOT....I can't any more.
It's a lot more fun if you can...

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