Sunday, May 27, 2012

When my frugal mother had the blues she was a danger to herself, it did not happen often but when it did she went shopping.
Not for a hat or shoes or a purse like I do but for a new sewing machine, a new living room set or something equally

I'd always laugh when she'd write or tell me what her latest adventure was.
She was always filled with guild that she had spent the money.
She had enough to live on for quite awhile and still get a depression retail therapy trip.
Guilt was always there.

I do the same in smaller dosis .....had a hard week of the blues....just feeling constantly sad in spite of my lexapro so I decided I would walk to the Garden Jubilee on Main street, I'd walk and leave when Bob would take his nap so he would not
stop me. Somehow he and Sabrina got wind of my idea or know me too well. Brie showed up before lunch and we walked arm in arm all the way from first booth to last.

I always feel sorry for crafters who sit with that look on their face like " buy something already".
Been there done that and wore out many a Tshirt with that saying.
Old Bob and I would always buy something from an artist/crafter. It was routine with us.
Depending on what was in our purse at the time we would find something we both liked.
The only item which I truly LOVED was a birdbath made from antique objects.
This large one (why could I not like a very small one?) had the center made from a candy dish, pressed
aMERICAN glass and in the center of that a cut glass salt, all is mounted on a very large dish which is probably new. It was pricey. I looked and looked, started to drool. Sabrina was already telling me which one I should get, no help there.
Took me a good 30 minutes but we walked away with a gorgeous one.

Now if that was not bad enough we went to sTEINMART.
I had not been there in probably a year.
I still owed my manager a Christmas card after she had written me such a long lovely note.
Felt guilty about that, I did.
She met us at the door with open arms, the crew was friendly and asked a million questions.
Told them about Bobby and tears came to one lady's eyes.
After all this adoration (how I miss that place, wish I could work there again)
I took a look around, had not shopped for clothing since I retired here expect bargains at the Hospice store.I ended up with 4 skirts and 2 tops. The Bohemian long skirts are back in style and you know how often I wear them.Everything was on sale from 30 to 50 % off. I had good bargains. So this morning there is the guilt....oh Mother you taught me well.

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