Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de MAYO, I have still to go and check what the Mexicans are celebrating but the restaurant was full today.

The latest news is, of course, still about son, Bob.

I never had a "Bucket list" like in the movie, we lived pretty much on impulses ,that way you do not get
into too much trouble messing with expectations.

BUT after Bob got ill I surely did not have anything left to wish for except a cure for Alzheimer and we know
where that is going.....then young Bob moved in and helped me and also lost his wife at 35 years old.
He was in bad mental health to begin with, had severe panic disorder. I had it for 7 years, I knew what it
entailed. His turned into agoraphobia. So...he had been in our house for about 4 years without leaving at all, crossing the street was major.

Took years to get mental health professionals to be able to come to the house.
That was last September.
2 times a week they come and talk and try and help.

Now with mew medication which calms him but he is not OUT of it like some others did ...he is now improving daily.

Every day he sits at our kitchen table and shows me on one of his gadgets how far he has driven.
Yesterday it was 10 miles, all around our street, but this is huge, every day he adds another street and
the two of us follow the map like 2 generals at war.
At war we are with the mind. So I thought that my only wish on my bucket list would be to see Bob healthy.
On the side I was hoping for one more trip and follow route 66 to California but that would be an adventure
which would require us to travel with 3 dogs.
I have a Maltese, he has a Corgy and a rescue dog of many papas and mamas lineage.
Neither one of us would have the guts to put them in kennels.
They are our children.

To say that I am on cloud nine is hardly enough, I am so darn happy now that we see improvement every day
from a horrible disease.
Life is good.
I miss old Bob a lot but I know he would want me to go on and try to be contend. I am trying to do that
and with the kids help it is easier.

If this prints in one sheet without paragraph I will have kittens, or I may start swearing.
It also printed the way I wrote and now it changed.
Yuk Yuck!

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