Friday, May 18, 2012

The week has not been my best so far.
The trip for the colonoscopy was not pleasant.
The meds to take before taste horrible (read constant nausea)
I did not have enough stuff for the usual nice soft sleep.
Saw the TV set up next to me and the ugly intestins.
Saw the polips and the tool he used to remove and I yelled out.
If I yelled out loud I do not know for sure but it was a pain or two.
Then I heard him say I am finishing this and so it was.
Brie heard him say they had to use more medication but a nurse friend tells
me that since I had major surgery a year ago they have to be
very cautious at my age how much they will put me under.

Two days later still cramps so I was not in the best of moods.
I do not know many people but I know 3 who had bad reactions, Willy in B
was bleeding and ended up in ICU.
Jeanette had a perforation and so did Rand's mom.
Both were for awhile in hospital and very ill.

Definitely a mood swing during these days.

Trying to see how the Rhonda saga with finding work will be.
Trying not to worry about my children.

In my next life I want to be an optimist.

In my next life I will be a lesbian. Men are too much trouble.

In mynext life I will not care if I am loved or hated.

In my next life I hope not to ever have to come back again.

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