Sunday, May 6, 2012

partial this and partial that

When you get older there are replacement parts, like superwoman, they put you together with wires.

When you are young (these days) they add to the breast, they stay perky until you are 95 but they weigh on your shoulders,they tattoo eyebrows, lips and heavens what else, need a chin? we got one for you. Seeing a few wrinkles we have shots for that too.

BUT for me it becomes a hardware store around my broken ankle, pins, screws, stainless steels rods. A kidney refuses to work, lets take it out. Your back is kaput from a fall so learn not to bend anymore. Knees refuse to bend too we can always replace with more hardware. A tooth broke after a bad repair from a young dentist so you have a choice, a small partial, a this and a that, first option is about 800 to 900 the others are all in the thousands. I am forced to go with the "cheap" one.
Got it in on Friday and had to take it out today sUNDAY. They put that partial on top of the tooth just removed which is now a hole going to China. That was a tiny bit of an ouchie! I gave myself a present, I bought flowers.

This morning I tried to pry this thing out of my mouth, looks like I cut into the corner of my mouth too, could not get it out, tried again and again. We already know I have a form of dyslexia so I do not know right from left and looking in a mirror and trying to fix hair or a partial is absolutely obscene.
Finally I decided that the one "hook" around the tooth holding up this small affair does not want to give up the wire, by now I am shaking. I am furious because I am 80 and I want to be the one like the young ones who gets boobs that will stay perky forever and for sure I need a tummy tuck, like 25 of them! Instead I am in front of this mirror trying to see how to get myself out of this mess.
I got it out by smearing the tooth with ranch dressing and then the wire slid off.
Now I am just calming myself down writing this stuff so I can get it back in and so far it is a NO GO.

See you at the dentist....

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