Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Voting day and gloomy outside

I am in a bad mood.
Sabrina will come soon, she is my sunshine so perhaps she can change it.
The voting is annoying and a must do, I am so damn negative I have no hope for this to be a NO.

Then I read all my instructions for the colonoscopy, I start with getting the meds today but by Sunday
I must start the cleaning and I am not in a good mood about that.

I do not like the "clinic" they are doing it in and now when I read the small print it said I had a choice between St Jo's hospital and them. I loved it better at the hospital. Too late ,it is all set up and I waited long enough.

I am overwhelmed somehow.

Shop was still slow in April so I may have to close the first one which only has antiques, linens and do da's.
It is now an interior design market, who wants Grandma's milk glass? Limoges china? (a no in the dishwasher), who wants to polish the sterling silver? Who wants to iron linens, so what if they are Irish or Belgian and the best quality, they do need ironing right?

The jewelry shop continues to do well so I must make some more necklace , like yesterday........

Bijou knows I am grouchy, he keeps looking at me and turns his head left and right.

I can't claim menapause that was taken away from me 40 years ago....
Maybe I can just say that I am a grouchy old lady.

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