Friday, May 25, 2012

Parental love part 2

We see on the news how a mother leaves a kid in a hot car while she goes into the bar, we shake our heads, how can that be?
We hear all the worst case scenarios. We shudder.
Where are our parent heroes?
I know some but they do not make the news, they are the quiet angels who love.Love kids and protect them.Period.
A couple I know adopted a baby who had been mistreated soon after birth. He had problems, medical problems.
The mental problem he suffers will not go away with a pill nor the best of psychiatrist. It is for life.
He has violent moments. He has a heart of gold. He has to be watched 24/7. He will be a teen ager soon.
He is getting stronger, taller, and at times a hand full.
The couple have dedicated every minute of their day to watch this child.
The choice was theirs to adopt or to leave the child to the system, they took him in as a small baby.
I look at this couple and I know there is just nothing there but enormous love, you never hear a whisper of
inconveniences or hardship. It takes angels to do this kind of work with children.
I am very happy I did get to know them.