Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer and shorts

I am living dangerously and recklessly these days.
I bought me 2 pairs of shorts for going to Jekyll Island and running on the beach with Bijou.

I hate shorts, at 80, my legs are not exactly what you would find attractive.
Knobby knees with arthritis and legs covered with psoriasis patches.
Some people look at Psoriasis and their noses go way up like they just saw the plague,
a friend of mine got fired as she was a food server and people did not want to see "that" BUT there have been cases in the courts of people who won over such an experience.

Anyway I also have swollen ankles at times so the whole picture talks about aging
and people in general do not want to admit there is such a thing as not having sexy legs and high rising boobs.

Now it is time for comfort and last year I ran mostly around in jeans but I will make a drastic change and come with my dog , he is so cute and no one will see what I am wearing as Bijou is a scene stealer.

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