Thursday, July 17, 2014


I was reading that the concussions the soccer players had during the Cup were not addressed as should have been.
The players game right back onto the field, the specialist on this claim that the player after a blow is not in a position to make the right decision.
On May 24th I fell and had a concussion from an iron scale falling on the front of my head so I fell and then hit the back of my head.
The ambulance staff said I should not be here anymore for this was a hard blow.
Not sure but the scale weighs between 35 and 45 lbs.

They took me to the ER with a collar on.
The MRI concluded that I had a concussion and need a follow up and should not make any decisions
for several day etc...etc...

Before my fall I had started to work with Luminosity , it's a site with workouts for the brain.
I was doing quite well and happy about my results. Especially in the memories series.
I could not do the workout during about 2 weeks after my fall. Head seemed like scrambled eggs.
Finally I started again and I can see the difference. I went down hill.
My responses are good but the speed is lacking by which I answer.
I need time to think out the problems which I did not have before the concussion.
That is no fun but then I am still here and it could have been worse.

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