Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hear ye part 2

So Brie and I went to Sams.
Brie is loaded for bear.
She tells me if we have the same reception with the audiologist we are splitting and going to Asheville store
and try there.
Same lady.
She has a master in audiology.
She starts out on the wrong foot.
Tells Brie that we should have been there before.
Brie tells her that we can't get a hold of her.
Then she tells us the phone nr has changed and gives us a card
Then she shows me under microphone that a tiny speck is inside the stem of the hearing aid.
I assure her that I have psoriasis in the ear and I am forced the clean these at least once a day
so no problem with that.
The poor lady has one problem, she just does not listen to what we have to say and
instead starts telling us what we do wrong.
Brie sees red , tells me that we are going and starts packing my stuff.
Lady does not catch on , wonders what we are doing.
I tell her: Please listen to me!
She shakes her head.
Comes to mind someone I knew with severe ADHD. Not saying this is the problem here.
It does remind me.
Finally we get on the same page.
We have been rewarded a new set according to the mgr.
It turns out that I bought 4 year insurance on these and what they are doing is
charging the new ones to the insurance.
I get a upgrade set.
Finally figuring out that the left ear does not work with the "cups"
they have to get a built in mold and work with that.
Molds available in 2 weeks.
Meanwhile back to the same suction cups.
Upgrade the hearing part too, now there is a part for the phone too.
So far they work I would say depending who I talk too.
Man next door very soft spoken, I see his mouth move but get nothing.
The cel phone: Nothing.
The house phone is somewhat tolerable but so far just talked to Brie, she is loud anyway.
It was 2 1/2 hours of pure annoying conversation.
Mostly I had a monologue and she had one.
For sure a problem with communications.
Her boss called her eccentric,
We shall see in 2 weeks with the molds.

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