Sunday, July 6, 2014

Soccer and World Cup

I am not much of a sport watcher but I do love a very good soccer game.
I grew up with soccer.
Soccer in this country is far from being the favorite sport.
When boys start to look to the father on what to watch they immediately know that it is all
about football. You have to get a favorite team too.
Once in High School they can't wait to be picked by a coach to be on a team.
Daddy will be so proud. By now Daddy is 300lbs and can hardly get out of the couch.
I am making fun and to each his own.

I love the Cup because these guys have been pushing a ball since they could walk,
especially in South America. All you need is a ball and you can start your training.
Other kids will come later but by then they will be trained too and so it starts........
One of my grandsons tried it here and soon he found it boring.
He did not go for American football either.

The game USA-Belgium was a nightmare Howard our giant pro saved 16 goals.

Some games were just nail biters. Netherland last one so far gave me an upset stomach
I was so nervous. Lets see how they do in the semi finals.
so I will have to wait another 4 years for the next soccer thrill.

Consolation price is that in October the LA Kings will go to the ice again and that
I gladly watch any time, even when they are being lazy.

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