Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Cold cold cold

It is colder than a witches tit , my friend used to say. And so it is in N C today.
It is 10 degrees on the front lawn.
We had a dusting of snow but even the birds are not coming to the feeder as yet.
Things are flying around and I was afraid to be hit with a flying object when I
walked the dog.
Bob keeps looking at the thermometer but he is not comprehending.
He has 3 sweaters on , that is ok as long as he is warm.
Last night he was wondering about a lot and very confused.
I was on the computer writing letters as I could not sleep and he came into
the office wondering who I was and who was the woman in his bed.
I went with him to the bedroom and showed him that I had gone and I would be back soon.
He did not like the explanation.
Told him to sleep but he kept walking around.
I gave up typing and went to bed next to him.
He was not so sure who I was.
The winds scare him, he keeps looking out of the window.
He is cautious like a dog before a storm , just sitting looking at the movement of the trees.

This is a day for a good soup so I started one and this is also good for Bob
I mix the veggies in the soup so he does not have to chew.
He is having a lot of problems chewing since his teeth have gone bad.
Cant get him to a dentist.

I am on some sort of high, do not know where it comes from but have been since
before New Years. First of all I feel in my guts that this will be a good year.
Second I seem to have a bit more energy this week.
Third I am keeping better order in the house since I have my Roomba and
I am getting ready for a vacation.
More about that later.
Could it be that I feel better because I am now on 20 Lexapro instead of 10?
Also knowing my friend Lee is coming back.
That is good news.

Last year I had a big shinding at the house for Xmas and I told the kids this is the last year that dad knows us all and we must make merry.
I was wrong, Bob knows us of and on. Namenda helps , I think.
He did not react much to Christmas and was confused yesterday when I took the live tree
down. I put it out on the sidewalk, he went back and put it in the yard.
Told him it is live but CUT. I think he wants to plant it.
Rhonda had put up the tree which I did not want and it turned out that was avery nice tree and I was acting like a brat.
After the tree was down, Bob worried again to know who's house we were in.
For the 100th time I tell him:
It is our house honey, it is ours, yours and mine and then he always answers:
Oh, that make me feel so much better.

I have put little signs all over the house telling him that this is his house.
But that also means when he does not know me that he tells me that I can go home now.

Well, lets go check on the soup.

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