Sunday, January 6, 2008

Gifts from the 3 Kings

OK so if I remember right this is the day that they feast in Spain as the 3 Kings day.
The 3 Kings who went to the manger , brought gifts.
So it was with me today.
But it was a queen and a king. They brought me a huge package with goodies for our trip, you name it and it was in there, special jam, different cheeses, crackers , soups, fizzy stuff , divine smelling candle, canned stuff , packaged stuff and truffles, yum yum!!!!!

This queen and her king have been friends of ours for decades and it is always a pleasure to see them. We also had a very nice lunch.
The trouble with me is that I am starving for conversations. With no one to talk to at home besides the dog (he always agrees with me) I become a raving talking machine when I am having someone in my corner for 5 minutes.
A client in the store told me that her sister calls every day for 2 hours much to the chagrin of her husband who can't get a word to his wife.
She said : You know Jeannot, she takes care of our mom who has Alzheimer so she is
so hungry to talk to a grown up.
It struck me that she said "grown up" because at some point we start to think of the person who is afflicted that they are like children.

Bob can get very excited about a cloud or the way a bird flies to our feeder.
In some cases he makes me see a different world and one that I am too busy to notice.
The child in him, the artist in him is telling me "Look there is something else in the world besides you rushing here and there". I can only hope that he will see that for a long time to come and not go into total darkness.

One day at a time old girl, one day at a time!
Today was 3 Kings and they came to visit me.

Thank you old royal friends, thank you

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