Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I said it, I said it! This year will be a great year.
It is already full of changes for me.
Two more days and vacation.
Just in time as the computer at work is going bananas
and I have to do a lot of magic tricks to balance.
So I am leaving in the nick of time.

30 days of resting!!!!!!!
30 days of reading !!!!
30 days of teaching Toto what sand is.
30 Days to see Bob enjoy the ducks and wildlife (I hope)
Oh Boy , Oh BOy!

then more blessings................
my best friends from Belgium are coming this summer.
Got a phone call and plans are on the way!!!!
My cup runneth over!

I am counting like the little kids and saying:
Two more sleeps and we are on the waY!

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