Monday, February 11, 2008

Return from Paradise

Back home after 30 days in Paradise. Bob and I were in Sandestin Fl. and had a great time. He had to be reminded hourly where we were and he almost got away twice .
I learned quickly how to baricade doors as our alarms did not work there and when I needed a nap I would put my head on his lap so I would know when he would take off.
But he was very calm most of the time and fed the ducks on the lake which was wthin a few feet from our patio.
We were allowed to bring Toto who is now a very spoiled little Maltese as he got all my attention for a whole month.
I am refreshed and ready for a great year. It is amazing what this rest has done for me.
I am like a new person. I did not know how much I needed this.
My body and mind had come to a point of no longer registering as it was supposed to.
The bunny batteries were on empty. A great recharge has been accomplished without a
computer around, without visitors, just our kids checking on us daily and the rest of the time
sleeping and just becoming a couch potato.
I recommend it for anyone who is taking care of an Alzheimer afflicted family member, if you can time some time off , DO IT.

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