Friday, February 22, 2008

Having a Dish installed keeps one busy

Son showed me how to save money and still get more value.
He made me join the new century.
Out Mediacom in Dish!
That took a few hours of a man getting in and out of the house,
under the house, and back out in the cold.
Old B. just did not get it so he followed the man around, minute by minute.
Any change of daily pattern is difficult for an A. patient.
My darling who is (read was) very generous is now very paranoid.
Everyone who enters the house will get his "things".
You would think we live in Versailles and he has to watch for the
This , by the way, made it easy to install the alarms on the doors.
We want to know when he goes out.
We told him it was for those who want to come in.
He was delighted.
Fact is, it will work both ways.

So on to another day, it is raining and could have been snow so I am happy for that
and looking forward to a calm day at the office and the hairdresser.

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