Monday, February 18, 2008

Changes are Rough if you do not remember

If you can't remember what someone said to you a few seconds ago then imagine how hard it is to have major changes.
How do you think the patient works things out when they do not understand the change, do not comprehend what is happening in their familiar environment.
So it is with old Bob, he constantly forgets that his son moved back in.
To him it is a man on the couch and an extra dog.
Both he did not ask to be here, he tells me.
He kicked the dog the other day and that set off all sorts of alarms.
First of all son likes animals more than people.
Secondly the calm man , the gentle soul , has his limits.
I have seen him being cruel to our Toto and I too am then outraged.
What worries me with it , is that Alzheimer patients tend to become
violent on the last stage and that is something I am not prepared to accept.
No one is going to hit me ever even with an explanation such as this.
I had enough beatings as a child, thank you , not going to take it as an adult.

Work went fine we had two days with extra good sales so I had more hours.
I am like in the days of my own business, I like the kaching noise up front.
Gives me more work to count money in the morning.
Even if the money belongs to Mr Stein.
Having said that I bought 2 tops which should have been 59.95 and
my bill was 11.17 with tax no less.
So I do not think we are actually going to see better figures NET for this
month either.
If you have a 75% sale plus another 20% there is not much left to chew on.

I keep forgetting to mention daughter Rhonda who is and always will be
there for me. She too does a great share to keep this household going.
Most of all she has a hard time to come here as Bob does not like small
children, so our grandson Peter gets on his nerves and Bob is not nice to
him. Breaks our heart, c' est la vie.
But it is hard!!!!

Time for work, Cioa

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