Friday, February 15, 2008

Goodbye again

I was so elated when I found out my friend of 52 years was moving back into town.
She changed her mind and is going to stay in Mass.
We had two nice lunch dates this week while she visited and that is again a goodbye.
I will miss her.
Also I am not having my Belgian friends come this summer as he has major problems with diabetes.
Life is like that, we have to accept the changes.
They are there for a purpose.
Meanwhile we here at home, we are adjusting to our son who returned to our nest.
His Corgy is a very friendly one, well trained and has minor disagreements with Toto (my Maltese). It is another matter for Bob when he is somewhat out of sink.
He then yells and the animals and gets frustrated.
BUT when he has his good moments the dogs amuse him and he is great with them.
I love the jobs that son is taking over.
He installed alarms at the doors so we can hear if someone goes out.
Yesterday , old Bob, tore off one alarm, he told me the people came in and took it out.
Yeah right. More of then not he is accusing "the people" ofhis little mistakes.
You know what? he gets away with it.

Work has picked up a little bit.
If we do not sell a lot then there is not much for me to deposit and my hours are VERY short.
It is the economy, stupid. People do not have a lot of money for dresses and frilly purses.
SOme of our sales are 75% off plus 20% on top of that.
Better days ahead? We can hope!!!!

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