Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Daughter Rhonda took us to lunch, Bob and I.
We are married 40 years today.
We have all told him many times that this is the occasion but it does not register.
Besides that he is quite upset with the new man who is sleeping on the coach (our son).
I did not think a good idea to take him out but our daughter is so romantic and she
wanted something special for us.
As it turned out he did not eat the lunch but adored the spumoni.
It is a new Italian restaurant and an Italian waiter came to sing at our table.
Did he sound like Pavarotti? Not one note/ Did he at least sound like Perry Como
or Dean Martin as he belted (read whispered) Volare? No, no and no.
YET, I could not help it but cried as the man next to me just did not have a clue
to what this serenading was all about.
I thought I am celebrating our 40th by myself. Followed with a more UP note:but at least I can still sit here and hold his hand.
Somewhere deep in this gentle soul there must be a smidgeon of a memory to that
day in Santa Cruz Cal when in the middle of a big storm and landslides we managed to say
I DO with Perry Como singing on the recorder and our girls giggling in the background.
Perhaps he remembers the 2 piece outfit I purchased second hand from my dentist wife.
It was pink wool , a sleeveless dress with a coat to match, it cost me 12.00
It came from London and I thought I was a glamour girl.
I cooked our dinner and baked the cake for a hand full of friends and we laughed
all day long.
We were 36 and 42 and we both thought we would not live very long.
The "ifs" we make up in our tiny brain cells, geez we are now oldies and we had
40years. Most of all they were very good years.
He is going out like a candle, day by day, one thought at a time but he is still
my best friend, my discovery in a flea market in Santa Cruz Cal.
Can't get bargains like that anymore!!!!!

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