Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Back to work

I was off for 1 month so it took some oiling of the brain to get back in action.
Fortunately I woke up in time.
At the beach we slept 12 hours a night! Imagine that!!!!
I feel full of energy and upon our return Bob returned to his routine and does the dishes
and walks the dog.
It is like we never left, he is not skipping a beat.
I was petrified before the vacation that he would get lost or get worse but the fear had no merit.
Besides that I also am learning after 10 years that it is time that I do the things I want to do.
As long as it does not interfere with taking care of Bob , I still need to live my life and try for it to be "normal" as much as possible.
I am verylucky as my son is back for the time being and his help is just fabulous.
It is the little things. A bulb blew up and I thought I have to replace that but when we came
back from the beach he had done that already and numerous other small things which I had neglected.
When everything in running a house and working starts to fall in your hands and your hands only you tend to forget things or put them on the back burner. You are writing your own
"get to IT lists" and they become dusty and soon you forget where the list is.
Son , is starting to take up that slack.
It is heavenly.
I went to lunch with friends and I was so happy to sit there and relax without thinking that I
must be home , I must be there in case...............................
A client of mine left his wife to run to the drugs store, was gone 25 minutes, upon his return the house was on fire, she stayed in. Lucky he got her out in time. She had not done a thing to start the fire, it had come from a light fixture but she did not know how to call the firedept nor
the emergency to get out of the house.
Scenarios like that are rare (I would hope) but it is in the back of your mind.
In his last days of driving I kept thinking "what if he does not remember where the brake is?".
It has been 3 years without his driving but he is still angry at me about that.
Well.....more tomorrow

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