Sunday, February 17, 2008

new entertainment

I am looking forward to Thursday. Son has ordered a dish and Mediacom will be out the window!!!!I don't have time to watch this much TV but with available movies it may
become another matter. Bobby has ordered me to start relaxing with a movie once in awhile
and maybe I will do that now. Old Bob does not understand the TB anymore, he does not know the difference between a story and a commercial.

When I laugh at something he does like the kids he laughs too.
Mostly we watch Animal kingdom together so he does not have to understand a story.

I guess I do not know what I am in for as basic cable is "kind of" different from having
200 channels !!!!I am thinking I am joining the new century.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps, I will buy me a nice TV when Bush sends me that extra money.
or maybe I will pay for more meds.

When I think that the first 7years of A. I paid almost $700 a month for 2 medications.
We did not even know if they would help, but I kept it up and I do think that
is why Bob is still walking around and still able to remove alarms if he does not like them.
It was worth it. Now we "discovered" that he could get help at the VA.
Yet their meds cost more than my HUmana program.
Go figure.

Time to get to work and count money!

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