Saturday, February 16, 2008

So this is what you do every day.............

Our son has moved back home for awhile and told me today that he is frankly
amazed on what goes on in any given day with his dad.
Old B. locks himself out of the house many times a day. He goes and checks the car, (now son's car)
a zillion times a day. Several times a day he is not sure who the "new"man is in the house.
He looks out for the mailman and runs to get it so he can hide the mail.
We have to argue with him to bathe. He accuses "those people of the little stunts he pulls.
The imaginary "people".
I know my daughters think they understand what it is to live with a challenge like Alzheimer but it is only when you are faced with it 24/7 that you truly know.
What is worse is that from my readings and meetings I know that the worst is yet to come.
So I try very hard to live one day at a time.
We all have only this moment so why fret over what next year might bring.
So easy to write.....doing it is .....................something else.

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