Thursday, January 3, 2008

record cold in NC

While it is cold I am thinking "Florida".
So, I am hoping to be in a warmed up Florida a week or so from now.
In November I started to think about the many nice months Bob and I spent
in Destin. We used to be snowbirds in January , resting up after our many Christmas shows.
It was heavenly. We rented a small apartment right on the beach in an old building.
Walked out of our door unto the sand.

One year a big storm came and I forget what name they gave it.
It Just covered the ground floor and all apartments with sand.
There was no way that the sand could be removed so they just let the
apartments be buried.
We had the next level but it sure was weird to sit on top of the other one filled with sand.
The year after that they built expensive condo's on the place and that was the end
for us at that location.

So I sat dreaming by the computer about the great months we had enjoyed over the many years. Destin is quiet in January and the beach is just there for a few old souls who walk about and tell you "hello" as they go by.
Love it, just loved it.

I started a search to see what the price range was now. We had not been there in 8 or 9 year.
The figures hit me right between the eye. A price range not in my budget, to say the least.
Worse they do not want dogs, nowhere !!!!

I fell upon a site where owners rent their own place and not go by agencies.
I put in a request which stated:
Elderly couple, 6 lbs Maltese , well trained, desire a very small place in Destin for one month at an affordable price. Must be near a grocery store, a 7-11 will do.

I closed the window of the computer and told myself to forget it all.
To be sure by evening the thought had flown away and the next new concerns had replaced the dreamery. The phone rang. A lady told me she had a condo on a lake in Sandestin and she would let us bring our dog. She dropped her price considerably because that month was empty and
she just as soon have some money rather than nothing.

She gave me the number to check it out on line and I told her I would be back with her asap.
I think my heart was pumping a lot faster as I searched for the site.
The condo looked great and I could afford the price. Most of all we could bring Toto.

What now? Find someone to take us and bring us back. Yikes!!!!!!
How will Bob react when he so hates to go to a different place.
What will I do?
Answers came quickly. Sabrina offered to take us and come and get us.
She has a 4 day window off days. Rhonda offered too so we had no excuses on getting there.
We do have the best kids, we truly do.
I quickly dismissed the thought that Bob would be a problem.
I figure I am a big girl I can handle it.
I am getting a cel phone and alarms for the door handles so I can hear should he want to go out.
There is a restaurant within 100 yards and a mini grocery store.
The beach, I am told, is a 5 minute walk but no longer allows dogs.
From the back porch we can see the lake at our feet so to speak and hundreds of ducks (I am told) .Bob loves to watch our bird feeders so I am hoping he will love this.

It is a gated community so that helps too.
BUT at this point I am surely going into this with trepedation.
The bottom line is that I do not feel well and I do think I need a very long great rest.
My psoriasis has probably doubles.
I love my work but I worry constantly on how I will get home and get to work, now that it is winter. Even so my angels at work do the arrangements for me, I still feel I need to worry.
eBay takes up a lot of my time and I like that work too but I get carried away and have a mean conscience which tells me to do more, more, more.
I only rest when it comes 8 PM and I crawl in bed to watch TV and fall asleep 30 minutes later.

I want to read books, I want to just sit and do nothing.
Can I do this at home? NO NO and NO
There is always something pressing, something to do NOW.

So this is it, we are going to be snowbirds again, just like old times but without a car.
We can still walk on the beach hand in hand and look for shells.
We can still go and have a meal in the restaurant if we wish too.
We can still be ok together
Toto will learn what sand is even if he cant go on the beach, he will learn there are other smells in Florida and it will be an adventure for him too.
The cat may be missed but he will find her upon our return.

So my prayers are for 30 days of pure joy.
Books which do not require major thoughts and do not make me cry.
I will miss my scrabble computer partner but can do some other puzzles.
The beach air has been a healer for me since childhood and the colors of the
water around the Panhandle are just fabulous.

So I am getting excited about this adventure.

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