Monday, April 27, 2009

7 TH Stage ????

I am thinking that we are truly in stage 7 now. The last stage.
Old Bob just does not feel like eating much of anything, not even cookies.
I give him the special drinks and figure that at least he has 250 calories per.
He is shrinking so fast, becoming so thin and not sure on his feet.

The last 2 months the weight loss was 7 lbs m so he is down to 135 with his
clothing and shoes on.
I am worried.
Whatever I fix unless I stand by him and even then half goes to the dogs.
We now have an overweight Corgy and the old lady "courage" looks like
she is pregnant and she is ancient.
He feeds them all the time.

I am going to fetch some very fattening ice cream.

He also suffers a great deal from allergies.
His skin around the eyes looks like leather.
This has been going on every spring for too many years.
The only meds which help a little bit is Claritin.
He is also coughing a lot from the allergies.

I hate to see the fading so quickly.
Not a good sign.
7th stage can be around 2 years.
I am afraid that he will not make it for 2 years and then there are days that
I question why he is still here.
This is not what I would call a great "golden age".
Last night I thought he truly remembered me.
As I undressed him for bed and tucked him in he said:
"I love you!" and "thank you".
Now we know that at the day care and nursing homes they all find new
boy friends and girl friends (it changes every day) so I am hoping
I was not the girl friend of the day but the wife of 40 years.
It means so much to me that he would remember just a few seconds
of our great life together.

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