Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yesterday is gone.............

Thank Goodness, yesterday was a grouchy day.
I could not get a hold of anything positive.
I felt like the whole world was one ball of dark clouds.
To top it off we went from 70 degrees to 32 within hours
and we had snow.

I love the garden, I love to see the birth of my perennials
and bingo then comes this and it is April.
We are not in tune with mother nature this year.

So if you are reading yesterday's lament, forget it.
Bad day that is all it was.

Photo here from Bob in day care, he plays with dominoes
but they say he has no idea of the game.
At least he is busy.

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Unknown said...

Let me know if there is a good day next week that Z and I can stop by. We'll make you some cookies. :)