Saturday, April 4, 2009


I want to cheer up today, it has been a bad week. Rain, gloomy and still not well.
The garden always gives me a lift but I can't plant yet as we still have frosty nights.

As I watch the PINK LIlly of the Valley come up I am remembering where I got them.
I was called in for a sale. The gentleman was dying from lung cancer and knew his days
where numbered.

I walked in his garden and saw the pink Lilly of the valley, I had tons of white ones but not pinks ones. I asked him for some pips. His answer always resonate in my head while I see them
come up. He said :"You know, Jeannot, where I am going I will not need them. Take the whole garden if you like and keep them growing."
I did and I thank him every year. It is becoming a memory garden.
A rose this person gave me. Mums from so and so, but what was funny
was that son while in his senior year in High School was giving me some grief.
He and I were on a collision course. Mothers day came and he gave me
a bleeding heart plant. I said :How appropriate.
The darn thing returned year after year and when it did die , he and I had just become best friends again.

OK so am I cheered up? It is getting better,
I am out of the house tomorrow.
Rhonda is taking me for a late birthday breakfast at the Inn on the grounds of
the Biltmore Castle where she works.
The Inn is a ***** affair but I am just as happy to go to Denny's, not my Rhonda,
she likes things fancy.
After that we will go all over the grounds and I will make tons of photos.
Have a new camera.
Their garden , thousands of tulips, are now in full bloom.
It promises to be a glorious day.
We may rent one of these machines that walk for you, like the mailman.
Just meander about this fabulous estate.
The last castle privately owned in the USA.

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Unknown said...

That sounds fun! enjoy your day it looks like it's going to be a pretty day.