Monday, April 20, 2009

great week behind us

First of all, Joy, I can’t find your email, if you read this, you are welcome at my house anytime. You should know this. Sorry I goofed on this.Add Image

I had the most fantastic week.
Why? I just do not know except that I was on a high..
The kids put up the gazebo, Bobby cut the lawn and even so the flowers are not all there yet
this is absolutely heaven.
I keep looking outside and even sat a few hours in the gazebo just relaxing.
That part is hard to do as my mind tells me of all that is waiting inside to do but
I got to get over that and learn to relax.

Bob was in day care all week and seemed to be in a very good mood, he even let me wash him and cut his hair. That is a biggy.

Saw that we are about to get a couple of checks in May from the new Obama program.
It will be welcomed.

Bijou is listening more and more and trying to please more and more.

The “pond” has been totally cleaned from top to bottom and the lonely “Mr Fish” seemed to
enjoy it.
The new BTE hearing aid lets me hear the waterfall!!!!Hooray!

I started to list again on eBay. There is a small interest coming back on that site and I love to get rid of all that extra stuff. The $$$$ help too. Most of all I love it. The new camera is doing great photos.

I am easy to please but this week just was special because it is going to be planting day and tomorrow I can go to Lowes with Bobby’s birthday gift and get me some annuals for the window planters.

Few accidents this week as far as the bed is concerned so that is a help too.
However, every year old Bob gets an allergy reaction with swollen eyes and swollen face.
Claretin helps a bit, we have tried shots and other meds over the years but it is a spring attack.
Hope it does not get so bad that they will refuse him at the day care.
Sometimes he looks like the Beast in beauty and the Beast.
One day we walked into the doctors office and the good old doc said:
“Bob , you should have come in with a paper sack over your face”
Poor guy, he itches too.

Lets hope my terrific mood lasts through this week, a Lexapro high? is it?
I’ll take whatever I can get in sunshine days.

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