Saturday, July 31, 2010

after the storm

comes the calm.
I was so angry this morning when I blogged. Now near bed time I am exhausted but in better spirits.
I know that I just can't change the situation.
It is the nature of this disease , the food is of little interest and the afflicted becomes skeleton like.
It is hard to watch, I keep telling myself that if I could have him back home again I could try and feed him more.
To what end? to prolong this horrible state he is in?
How unkind of me.
Do I want him to continue like this, a mere shell of what he was?
Am I crying more for myself or for him?

Good news dept.:
The kids are trying to readjust the marriage, they had a bad bump in the road. I think they can make it work.
28years is long stretch and most of it was good. A relief to my ears today.

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