Monday, July 12, 2010

Cheap entertainment

and I mean cheap.
Big Brother started again.
I know it is the most stupid show around but I was curious who was going to join this year.

It was entertaining (?)this time they have a few people with brains , one guy member of Mensa and another with a PHD etc....then there is a Jewish guy who wears a yarmulke , quite religious and only eats Kosher and will go home quite skinny, I am sure.
Then there is the Vegas girl with boobs much larger than Dolly, she does not need to swim, she floats.
She announces on the first evening:"I am just not a stupid bit boob girl, I have brains too. Oh did you see that we have a Jewish guy here, he is wearing his Yom Kippur.".
OK, she could have called it a mitre .

Sometimes it pays to shut the mouth!!!

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