Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A good day

't was a good day today, I ran around smiling, forgetting most of the time that I limp a bit. Forgetting the ouch now and then and just writing and smiling.
Saw the game Germany~Spain.
You can guess who I rooted for.
They won!
Now Sunday the finals for first and second place : Holland and Spain
I am fond of both places.
Growing up 7 km from the border and then having 5 great years at  the Costa del Sol, Spain.
Even the very very poor kids in our village would kick around a "football" as they called it. You don't need thousands of dollars in equipment to hone that sport.
So either one who wins I will be happy with. A nice position to be in.
Now what made me smile again all day?
a nice letter from my friend LM.
An invitation for lunch on Friday with C and L.
A cool office. Thanks to the portable A C,
trying not to think about the electric bill it will bring.
Bobby in very good spirits. Love that kid, well, "man".
On to bed!

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