Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July or are we the 5th

I am going to be a wreck all week to figure out what day it is.
OK so it is Monday and the garbage did get picked up but no mail.

Got it!Etched it in my brain!
Tomorrow Tuesday and out day with Sabrina , more paper work to be done.
Hair cut too. Visit with Bob.

I am getting antsy about the trip to Destin. It will be with a lot of young people, should be fun. The rule is no talk about politics nor religion.
We all have different ideas there ,so it is better to have fun and leave discussions for another time.
Will there be oil on the beach is another matter. There is oil in Pensacola.
Not that far away. The young grandsons have plans to go and help, daughter who bosses me quite a bit said I am to stay put and enjoy the beach even from the porch of the house. Rest the leg, rest the ankle, do not fall again!!!
Orders, orders, orders.

The 4th was mighty quiet here in our cottage but I am starting to like it that way.

I am upset about my nightmares , then I do not sleep well and have to play catch up during the day.

My guru spiritual friend from the 1980.s was a no nonsense Brit and he told me that dreams were "rubbish".
But, I have to wonder why I keep dreaming of the sky full of airplanes, it is almost covering all the blue and the clouds. I am watching with people and I tell them all to hide in ditches.
Often it follows with parachutes and strange looking people coming to great us, some nights they are friendly, some night they want to kill us.
I am always frightened and shivering and wake up being terrified.
This has been going on for several months now.
Of course I have lived this several times as a child, the planes did come very low to hit the electrical plant and I was trained to run in a ditch when outdoors.
Could this come back up after all these years?
It is mixed with another dream , I have had that one for years now.
I am packing, often stuff we carried in the shop (did we not pack every week end for the shows?) then I have to get on a plane, a car, a van, a train, and I always miss it. No money, lost my tickets, Bob is sick, have too much stuff (that's for sure) I just cant get home and I am crushed and do not know how to solve it all.
Perhaps the mess left in Bob's hoarding studio is coming alive in my dream.
I dont know but I am sure not happy about these 2 in particular.
Almost always Bob is ill with Alzheimer.
It can't leave me even in my sleep.
C.B.said Rubbish Rubbish
is he right?

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