Monday, June 28, 2010

World Cup 2010

Of course we now know that some ref's are blind or heaven for bid prejudiced.
The goal for the Brits was there for all to see except for the side liner and the ref.
Come on!!!!These guys have so much power. In hockey the men upstairs sit and judge the videos sometimes for 10 minutes before they give it a call.
No one has to check the soccer ref's.
Their word is gold.
Of course the Brits would have lost anyway, the Germans are young and full of fight to get what they want.
Enough said.
OK so I have some prejudices.
England did not play up to par but I think the USA is getting better and better. It is time that we consider this a great sport. Teach the young ones and they do in my Peter school. Amen to that!!! I for myself see little skills in the huge padded men who try and face each other in combat over a ball.
If you are 290 lbs you may be able to push someone around very quickly,
if you are a giant you may be able to put any ball in a basket.
I do not know much about the last named games but I see logic in my argument. Love soccer.
Love hockey because as son said it takes enormous skills to be able to play it well.

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