Monday, June 7, 2010

Bad week 2

Last week was great for getting hot under the collar with our school systems and the law.
Grandson is 14, he is 6 feet 2 and heavy set. He has had bullies since middle school. This past week he had someone start a fight by hitting on the head with a bottle. He had "enough" so he punched him. Well, even so h did not start the fight that started an ugly ball rolling for both parties.
No longer do w say "boys will be boys".
Fine, thought this was over with when a face shows up on his facebook site.
The face of another 14 year old holding a cocked gun towards the camera with a threat: If you do that again I will kill you.
Something in that vein.
He also had photos of a bunch of riffles and guns and a Confederate flag.
I am sure the weapons belong to his father but to see this on the site was alarming.
It took almost a week before it was taken off the Facebook.
Reports were made to the school principal, the police, the magistrate.
At this point we have been told that it is in the "right hands".
W can only hope.
Grandson who is in advanced math/algebra studies had tests this week and could hardly concentrate.
We can't say again "boys will be boys", we now had Virgina Tech, Columbine, a girl committing suicide over bullies and so on.
No doubt the boy needs help , he was not involved in the original argument and is not even a friend of either my grandson nor the other kid.
The police tell us that it is not a threat if you have a condition if you do that I will do that.
So that makes it ok then????
OK to point a photo with a gun aimed for you to see this as aimed at your face?
Frightened? maybe not but concerned ?
hell , yes. I am.

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