Friday, June 11, 2010

Fall again? Yup

Walking Bijou in the yard, tripped on whatever , fell flat on my face, well mostly on my left knee (now bleeding) and right hand.
Could not get up as I did not have my cane (foolish me) and can't put the weight on the ankle yet for that job.
So I sat on the pebbled drive way hoping that Bobby will miss me anytime now.
The mosquitoes are out, they had a feast, new fresh blood, they did not even have to dig.
Bijou decided to sit on my lap but soon started to bark at nothing...that got son wondering and the rescue was at hand.
I got my usual lecture, do not go out without a cane. Watch were you are walking.
The ankle was inspected and I am OK,
he washed my knee and put on band aids and all is fine.
I am just a klutz.

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