Wednesday, June 23, 2010

World Cup relief.

For about 90 minutes I forget the world and check out the little figures in the giant field           of soccer.
I did not remember how much I had enjoyed this in my youth.
We followed the club at work, all volunteers who were older for the most part and just did not run or kick that well. Most of the time we got clabbered.
Mom who worked in bookkeeping took charge of busses to go to and fro.
We called "amicale". Friendship.
I was a puppy , the youngest on staff as a phone operator and some extra typing.
I loved the trips, since mom sat up front to direct driver and anyone in her site I would scamper to the back where the loud ones were and I enjoyed the merriment and growing up around men for a change.
Old Bob did not like sports, he was an artist above all else. Loved walking and just look at the trees, leaves, flowers, and anything that was nature.
Hated violence of any kind and he found there was too much violence in sports.
Now being alone I suddenly returned to my love of the soccer sport.
I called it football, of course.
THE USA has become better and better at it. Proof is in the pudding, even 2 goals were stolen from us, so far, in the cup by "blind" refs, even so we go on to the next level and I shall have my front row seat in the living room with earphones on not missing a beat, I hope.

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