Friday, June 25, 2010

lunch with friends

Lunch today with my good friends L and C, problem is they are the silent ones.
I go blah blah blah for the 2 hours and today is not a good day to go blah blah blah.
I want to stop the nonsense of hurting so much over Bob's condition and want not to share this again and again.
It is boring at best.
No one can help so what is the use?
Hate it that I am such a talker and open my life to anyone.
I want to be the silent type for awhile, it aint going to happen I know.
I have tears sitting ready at the tip of my eyelids and I do not want that anymore either. I have cried way too much, gives you wrinkles too.
The heat does not help, each dog finds a fan to sit in front, the cat sits in he bathtub that should tell us something.
The daily promised thunderstorms are storming in some other county so I have to water the jungle and the mosquitoes have me for lunch. Boy are they hungry!
Reading the new book on Taylor and Burton, so much drinking in there I am beginning to wish I could drink.
Of course, if I do, the psoriasis becomes my skin landscape so is it worth it?
Going to try and be all joy for lunch.
Truly I will try my best.
Maybe I have a glass of wine, oops, can't do that they always treat and I can't get the check EVER.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Meme, if I'd read your journal two days ago I would have known what I know now (how it is, in your words) and not left a message for you at the FarmTown that had to be naieve-sounding, was all-handwringing from a distance and no help to you whatsoever. I apologize. Did it feel like one less friend that day? :( Why do I feel as though the shoes in your closet are familiar to my feet.
Today the blah blah at lunch may happen because your pain is the like yeast growing in a rising dough. A dough that has been under that towel for years. At lunch be yourself. Isn't that the best course? It's okay if blah blah or if you join in to laugh, sharing a moment of levity. It is all okay.

The taxi to and fro. All things as they should be even though we cannot write the script.

The pillows are for all of you, cuz you know what they can be for: resting, making us smile, throwing, biting (depending), burying our faces into to catch the hot tears, hugging, sleeping.

Glad we are together, you and I. My shoulder, your shouder. Your smile, my smile. Mt ATV, your ham.

Love you,