Wednesday, June 9, 2010

84 years

Yesterday he was 84.
The Gemini did , of course, not remember that.
The girls and I went with sheet cake to the home and had a bit of a private party in a nice cozy room.
When I spotted him he had his head down, nurse told him to look up but he did n't. I lifted his face to kiss him and
he looked like it was too much trouble to look up. His back is bent lower and lower with every visit.
He did enjoy a piece of cake and a banana. I rejoiced, at least this much in his stomach. They now feed him alone in his room, he does not like dining room distractions.
I could not stop crying.
This was the fist birthday away from home. We always had a celebration of some sort and he always like birthdays and Christmas.
All thoughts of how much work and
problems existed when he was home just fly away when I see him.
I just want to pick him up and bring him home. It is not to be.
I have to admit that I can't do that any more. Heck I have problems standing upright with this slow healing ankle.
He is still my best buddy but he does not know it.

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