Sunday, June 27, 2010

USA lost and sad was I

but I must say that they did their very best, if it had not been for dumb refs
and stolen goals we would still be in the game. It is what it is.
A very hard game to judge is soccer.
Different interpretations and acting. How easy for some to just pretend they are badly hurt so the opponent will get a yellow card. Or a red one as with Kaka who has to sit out a game with a red card he did not deserve. He is the next Pele!!Should still be there with his team.
So I am waiting now with coffee and cookies in hand to view England ~Germany. Ok so you can guess who I want to win.
The German team is brutal, very young too, wonder how they put together such young lads for this but play they can.
England has been too slow to make big waves not to say anything about a goal he "gave" us. (think it was Green the goalie) .
So I am waiting for the big win, go go England or I will for sure pout all day.

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