Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the dish drain and pillows

I had that dish drain forever, white  plastic it had served me well, in fact it still looked OK except for the little feet started to peel and hence get rusty.
I felt frivolous and wanted a stainless steel one, so Walmart it was.
Came home and placed it nicely on the side of the sink and felt really pleased , it does not take much to get me pleased.
Then the cloud came, that cloud that has been over my head for so long now.
The memory cloud.
I looked again at the sink and thought :"Bob, you will never see the new drain, you would have loved it. You liked it when I got new gadgets that fit in our lives and made life better".
I started to weep, I could not stop, all because Bob would not see the shiny new drain and he would have loved to put the dishes in there.
Sorry,so sorry, you are already missing changes in the house.
The bed now has 2 dozen fancy pillows on them, you would have done some
growling if you had to move all that.
When I go to bed I put them all in order in the easy chair. It looks like a pillow shop in the corner and I smile, I am well pleased with this new arrangement.
I would not have done it if you were here.
So what is the difference?
I want you to see the new item in the sink but afraid to show you the pillow pile up in the bedroom.
One thought is nostalgia the other (I guess) is about the new freedom.
Still if I could put the clock back......
I would let Bijou chew up all the pillows and smile at the rascal.
How I miss you, oh, how I miss you.

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