Thursday, June 10, 2010

Doctors or vultures?

It just amazes me that in a rest home when one is in the final stages of Alzheimer, that all the drs come out of the woodwork to FIX things.

This week it is the hearing.
You know what he would do with hearing aids? You know how hard it would be for him to even hear at this point?
Do you understand Alzheimer patients? They do not want change, they do not want commotion. They want to plug along at the pace they are in for the moment.
They do not remember what it was to hear everything, they do not want the glasses anymore (Bob threw his away ages ago), they most certainly do not want false teeth at this time.
They no longer comprehend!!!!
They no longer care!!!!
Doctors, please know that and if you dont know that you are very ignorant.
If you do know that then you are out to milk Medicare and your fellow Americans.
Do not touch my husband, I mean it.
Do not send me bills like you did this week for tests not covered by Medicare which we did not order either.
For shame.
Understand what an Alzheimer/dementia patient needs are.
Someone to feed them, someone to keep them clean, someone to watch that they do not wander.
Besides that they do not like changes not commotion.
They do not need to hear or see a world they no longer understand, if the teeth are bad feed them baby food, flan, rice pudding, Ensure, milk shakes.
Hug them when you can.
and for heavens sake do not send a psychiatrist like a friend of mine had to pay for.
Keep all the Drs. out of that rest home and give me some caring loving nurses, that is the need for my husband.

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