Sunday, June 27, 2010

Full day and Fun too

Sabrina and Zack came over on a mission. When she shows up in the old truck she does mean business.
That girl can do anything a man can do.
She came to fix the gazebo.
It had been my joy last year, cost me a lot of money , near 400, that is like 4000 in other people's money.
People who can have a good paying job.
I am now the guest of the social security system.
Anyway, we took off the side netting when winter came , it was so sturdy that we left the top on. BIG mistake!
The big snow storm came and broke the
roof, tarp and heavy metal bars.
Finding another 400 was out of the question so I gave up.
Not my Sabrina./ She came with a huge commercial tarp and pvc pipes and reconstructed the roof with the help of
her son Zack (a giant at 14) and my son.
Is it deliciously pretty? No, is it deliciously usable, hell yes!!!!!
I am delighted, I will sit there and read many hours with mosquito killing odors around moi.
While Bob worked on it we went to visit old Bob. He sat in a chair. Head down low. He smiled. I fed him a bit of ice cream. He fell asleep on Sabrina's chest and looked in peace.
Nurse said he lost 10 lbs since he has been there. We figured he lost about 8 in the last 2 weeks, they are not saying.
Rubbing his back is rubbing bones, no fat, Oddly for a man who was never overweight he has a bit of a tummy. Rest is bones. His legs are small and he does not run around the halls like he did 2 weeks ago.
I can't stay away, going back today if daughter Rhonda comes.
Yet to see him that way is pure torture to me. Torture of the heart.
When we returned home Sabrina said she needed more PVC pipes so while she went to Lowes son told her to check out portable A/C units.
Later he ordered her to buy one.
That was a challenge as none of our windows lend themselves so have a pipe sticking out. Bob covered a screen with insulation and cut the hole to fit the pipe and in business we were.
We went from 81 to 76 in a few hours.
It is for my office and it will do very well. I am in 7th heaven as my breathing is difficult in this humid , hot, old house. Bobby too has difficulty with heat so did old Bob but he is in a cool place now.
So it was some day!!!
I went to bed with a smile on my face.
I am sad, yes, that is natural, but think of the crew I have taking care of me.
How lucky is that? How fantastic is that?
How I love them for watching over me like little hawks.
Maybe big hawks.

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