Friday, June 25, 2010

lunch with friends part two

Did not want to go.
Had vertigo (self imposed?)
did not want to sit there with long face.
Had a hard time being jolly.
Started out by asking them about their last trip to New England.
I got a bit out of them :It was misty and cold for 4 days!
Then I said : Do not ask me about the kids or anything , Bob not doing very well but that can change again.
So besides that lets talk about fun stuff like my new hobby shaping up very slowly in going back to knotting all my antique necklaces which need repairs.
Ordered the pliers and went to Michaels overwhelmed by the offers of gorgeous beads but the heart is ticking a bit faster if I can resume some of this work which I have not done in 40 years.
Beads are in!!!!
I love beads !!!!
So we turned the luncheon in fun stuff and I am glad I went.
Deb, you helped me with that, seriously!!!
Rhonda said she will come Sunday to go see daddy and I said after England~Germany game around noon!!!

My British facebook pal wrote:
The cup is like WW2
France gave up very early.
The yanks came in late and we are stuck taking on the Germans.

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