Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Visit to Shuller

Yesterday was not a fun day.
I kept putting it off.
Went to Funeral Parlor and made arrangements for Bob. Since I and him wanted nothing but cremation I told Mr.Shuller that he was not going to make money on us. I was right his lowest package deal for cremation was something like 2800.00 , we only needed 1100.00 of his services.
He is the best man, he is kind, does not push you on anything and he took care of our Ari a few years ago. He is a Southern Gentleman. I think he is Southern. Oh well.
It was noon when we left, I am not a drinker and I wanted a stiff drink.
Instead I did what I do better, ate and went shopping.
I spent too much but that the hay.
I have to have a couple of vices.
Still if I had been near my friend L I would have had a few glasses of wine and cheese and just been under the table in no time. I am a cheap drunk.
She is now in Mass.

Old Bob was having a class and we peaked in the glass door , he sat sound asleep in his chair. He thought it was all boring I am sure. We left, we did not want to wake him or disturb the class.
We saw him and that is what matters as he does not remember us.

Back to my old hobby.
During the hippy time, late sixties, we lived in California and had a shop.
Bob, his friend Allen and I we knotted beads until our fingers were raw~slight exaggeration here~ so I am going to get back at it. My new~old hobby.
So I needed equipment. when did I need a magnifying glass with a light no less? They have a special tool to knot now???Where was that in 1968?
Walk into Michaels one day and see the beads. Pure heaven! My favorites since I went to Venice in 1969 are the milifiori ones (one thousand flowers) glass beads. Now you can make your own in resin and classes are everywhere.
Who would have thought?
So it will be a new adventure.
I am no longer looking to sell anything but if I get a surplus I can always give them to the thrift stores.
First I have tons to repair of my own collection.

Walking yesterday without a cane (I did forget it) and shoes , was a new experience. The shoes not so hot, the equilibrium a lot better, the swelling not as bad as a week ago. We are getting along just swell (remember that word?) my ankle and I. I am happy with the handsome Dr. Bones.
Honestly, he has a silk shirt on and silk tie and always admired Sabrina's jewelry. I am there and forget my questions, one can be 78 but still enjoy looking at a gorgeous man.
Time to put the AC on, it is getting warm in here.

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