Monday, November 1, 2010

Friday October 29

Minus one tooth , one way back there in a hole all by itself no connection on the top row of teeth and hurting so it came out.
The new dentist is a peach.
He did a swell job.
Sabrina insisted I stay at her house till we saw that it would heal without problems.
A few hours later I was eating bean soup, no pain.
All went very well.

Brie wanted me to stay for her Halloween party.
I wanted away from people.
I thought "I will tell her in the morning that I want to go home"
Morning came and little miss perfection was in a tizzy.
She had this to do and that 6to do and son wanted to be driven here then there,
there was a festival in town and she had to make a giant pot of chilly.
Did I dare ask her to take me home 35 minutes away (one way)????
Of course not.
I decided to grin and bare it.
I had the eternal dress up dress I purchased in 1972 in Tangiers.
Usually all gold embroidery type dress. I remember it was about 7 bucks.
We did ask 25.00 for a watercolor at the time.

I dressed up with a crown Brie had and became the stepmother witch of
Snow White.
I was mostly concerned about not hearing people but in the end I had a good time.
Someone would just come and sit by me and talk lous enough.
I went to bed happy that I had stayed and seen (again) Sabrina's friends.
Rhonda came late as she had worked.
She dressed like a movie star.
She had the original 1920's hat on which she had saved from a 1993 estate sale we had.
Wow! She did not let me see the name of the designer, it might have landed on eBay.
Photos to follow.

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