Friday, November 19, 2010

The long fall

Gorgeous weather again, it did freeze during the night but it will be about 60 in a few hours.

My dreams are so much about my past life.
I am most of the time in Belgium (even so I have been here more than 5 decades) I am always looking for the lace and stuff to sell. Last night I saw this gorgeous baby gown with intricate lace but some of the rosettes were in shreds, the dealer was someone I used to deal with, a shrewd lady. I could not afford the gown nor able to fix it, I was sad  about it.

I used to have some prophetic dreams  but no more it is just the past haunting me.

An old lady in Belgium (part of the family) well...she was my father's mistress so call it like it is. Well, she asked me why she was always young in her dreams and she was always dancing.
She owned a club/bar for decades so she did her share of dancing........must have been horrible to wake up to the old body . At least I dream about pretty laces and buying and selling......

Amazing how one can picture such details of something you have never seen in real life.
I am still seeing the baby dress and I have been awake for hours now.

In a fog for Christmas , I do not have one present for anyone.
It will be slim pickings this year too.
Kids keep saying they are not buying anything but they always lie about it.
I like to spoil the kids but my budget is no longer there for such largesses.

I will try and do some beading today but it is 10 51 in the am and I am yawning........I hate this, I truly hate this.....I do not have that much time left to sleep all day.

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