Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gorgeous weather for November

Sky is blue and the temps are rising. The night was bitter cold but now we are going towards a gorgeous warm fall Sunday.
I liked it when in my childhood Sunday was a day for doing nothing.
Going to church for me and then relaxing.
Mother and Father if he was not working would sit outside in one of our "comfortable" kitchen chairs and just enjoy the Belgian sun , (if she came out) ,. Father might tinker a bit in his shed but all was quiet except for the radio (pre-war) when Belcanto was on.
It was a day to wear the Sunday dress, Believe me when I say that often I had 2 dresses , a week one and a Sunday one.

So today it is Sunday and it is a day with a lot to do on my list. I will not wear a Sunday dress, no longer go to a church. and try my best not to nap.
Next 2 days are social days both with "to do's" at the Biltmore. Zack singing there tomorrow and then Tuesday a special party for castle employees.
Wednesday eve I cook for 8 people, tons of French fries and Belgian stew. (By special request of all 8)
I have a vegan in there and have to think of him and son does not eat beef so chicken for him.
It will be fun, I think someone is bringing dessert and fruit salad.
I have my hands full cutting about 15 lbs of french fries.
I will stay out of trouble the next 3 days and probably sleep all day on Thanksgiving day.
For now a cup of coffee to is decaf..........will not wake me up totally........

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